3 Tips For Better Haunted House Radio Commercials

Your haunted house attraction is something you put your heart into this year. After you’ve spent hours creating each scare and scene, all that is left now is for people to come and enjoy your work of love. How can you get them there? A radio advertisement for haunted houses is a great place to start.

But what is the secret to a great haunted house radio advertisement? How do you begin? These are three ways to make your message standout and draw more people.

  1. Tell a story. Your commercial should not be a list of directions or the kinds of scenes you have created. This is the movie trailer. Trailers that are truly good will draw you in, tell you a story, and leave you thinking “I must see that!” Your radio advertisement for haunted houses should be the same.
  2. Offer them something they won’t turn down. You want to make your haunt the obvious choice over all other options? Make sure to offer something like “buy one, get one admission”, “take $10 off your speed pass admission when using code radio”, and other similar deals. You will quickly make it a success by selling snacks or adding premiums such as “speed pass lines” to your sales. Your amazing offer will increase attendance. Make sure the offer is compelling. Don’t skimp. This means that “take $2 off” or “15 percent off” is not enough. This will make you look cheap and turn people away. Don’t be afraid to make a big deal or not offer anything at all. Period.  check here
  3. Multiple versions of your radio advertisement for haunted houses are possible. Versions that include the words “Tonight” and “This weekend” People respond to urgency. People will respond to urgency if it sounds like they are more interested in the “tonight” version of the event than the “every Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday” version.

It is crucial to have your message recorded and created by professionals. This is an important step. The local DJ’s will not deliver the same “spooky” sound as a professional haunted-house radio commercial company.

Your radio message is your calling card. If it’s good, you can expect long lines of happy customers. It doesn’t sound good, it will make your night long.

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