After we heard a knock at our door and opened it to locate the courier status there using this Evil Controller we all couldn’t wait to start this up and determine the way the PS-4 control we designed turned-out.

Even the Evil Controller was packed in a conventional shipping box which failed to reveal signs of wear or damage, making sure the control got to people safe and noise.

This box’s contents contained:

Evil Controllers PS-4 Controller
Black Pro Thumbsticks
Black Pro Thumbstick Instance
Education Manual

The PS-4 controller has been inside a wrap.

The Merchandise
The Evil Controllers PS-4 Controller — Looks Great, Feels Great, Performs Terrific!

In regards to creating your custom PS 4 control, Evil Controllers which makes it unbelievably simple to accomplish and provides you. Sure there are choices to scrutinizing such as buying stickers in which you are able to stick on your control, however, that provides you nowhere close to the freedom that you are given by Evil Controllers.

Employing the builder you’re offered a range of design and settings options that let you make the controller.

Measure 1: Face-plate

This control production process’ very first rung on the ladder is to pick from a range of faceplates for your own controller. There’s a variety of gloss patterned and gloss faceplates. This may be the measure which produces the announcement into your control that is new.

Measure Two: Back-plate

It is possible to choose the back-plate which you may want to utilize As soon as you’ve selected your face-plate of preference. After we assembled our control there is an option of”Stock” available, meaning that the trunk of the control is the stock-standard PS-4 controller. It can now appear that just really a back-plate is designed for your own controller that is a terrific feature and seems to be awesome. This will be helpful when you had been an individual who suffered whilst gambling.

Measure 3: Mods

Now you have selected backplate and the faceplate you’re ready to enter the functions the mods, of elite Controllers. All these are hardware alterations that offer functionality such as fire to your control. Those mods shall be covered by us in detail.

Measure 4: Pro Buttons

Evil Controllers inside our opinion’s most useful feature is the Guru Buttons. You can select from using 4 Buttons two Guru Buttons or no Guru Buttons installed. The buttons come to feel fantastic and are fully programmable. There’s no reason.

Measure 5: Triggers

Here you can decide whether you’ll love to continue to hold the conventional triggers or if you’d really want to choose the Hair Pin triggers.

Measure 6: Thumbsticks

Today it’s time. Additionally, you have the choice to pick the Guru Thumbsticks that provides you 3 interchangeable metallic thumbsticks which may quickly be swapped around as a result of its magnets used to store them set up.

The customization alternative for the control is the buttons. Here you may choose from a selection of color choices.

Measure 8: Packaging

You’ve got the choice once you’ve assembled the control. Even the Evil Controllers packaging doubles as a stand-alone for your own control if it isn’t being used and seems to be amazing.

Measure 9: Evil Protection

You can choose what Evil Protection you want on the control that contains sending insurance no security and one yr warranty. The controllers are sold with a 6-month standard warranty In the event you elect do not worry.

Measure 10: Accessories

Eventually, they may select from a variety of available accessories for example control cases, batteries, and apparel, etc..

What Can We Produce?

Employing the control builder we could develop a control which people were happy with. We picked for something adventuresome but in addition simple.

Our controller

Glossy Orange PS-4 Shell
Stock PS-4 Back-plate (we’d have picked that the rubberized back though it had been accessible at the time of construct )
4x Re-mappable Guru Buttons
Hair Pin Triggers
PS-4 Master Mod
Black Pro Thumbsticks
Of establishing the control, the practice was straightforward and has been simply a question of selecting the choices which you wanted and going build process. Once you’re delighted with the build that you put in the control to a cart, create payment as well as your done.

Whenever we received it now, did the PS-4 control prove? Well, let us have a peek!

Taking the control that is PS-4 out of their packaging build once we stored it on. The customized made control feels fantastic having the thumbsticks and also its customized made shell. The simple fact Evil Controllers utilize PS-4 controls for their habit assembles ensures that the control could be exactly the exact same quality we all expect from Sony.

The thumbsticks are attached with a system which lets you easily remove and switch the thumbstick from which you would like to make use of. Even though it can us a system that the thumbsticks don’t come too easily to ensure they slide when they are being used by you.

The finish of this casing also did not become slippery when deploying it and feels good. I used to be concerned that the casing wouldn’t perform with palms but it wasn’t an issue. I’d have loved to have had the traction from Evil Controllers on the back of the control that’s currently available.

Even the Hair Pin causes so as to utilize them, feel much more straightforward than the stock activates as you aren’t required to employ force that is much to them. Employing whilst playing games that don’t need tension levels ensures that the answer time was faster. If you’re somebody who enjoys games, then the hairpin trigger might possibly well not be for your own liking. For the rest of the games, I highly urge them.

The Guru Buttons on the back of the control were installed. They’re installed flush but using a few of this button at which you press them when needed although maybe perhaps not too much from you could press on them protruding. The switches so we’re perhaps not loose at the back of this controller that was PS 4 and felt.

I was impressed with all the customized made control. The quality was exceptional along with was excellent.

Pro Buttons

The Guru Buttons are a pair of switches that can be installed letting you bind any one of those controls buttons. These buttons are easier to reach for their own standing than the face switches. It seems far more natural than being forced to simply take the thumb of this thumbstick once in heat of conflict to attain the facial buttons.

Now you have the choice of 4 Guru Buttons or installing two Guru Buttons. The button placement is very similar to that of the place your fingers sit at the back of the control. They have been installed in a way you may not accidentally press if you’re concerned about pressing these buttons, then do not worry.

As a way to program the Guru Buttons on the control, it’s just an issue of pressing on the Share button which you want to configure. The light will light signaling that Guru Button will be able to be programmed once pressed. Give up the button that is expert and the Share button and press the button you wish onto the control to map. Once was pressed on on the bar will light confirming that the Guru Button has been configured.

Here’s a copy of those directions Evil Controllers have created which:

Even the Evil Controllers Guru Buttons are definitely our favorite characteristic of the control, it generates gameplay texture natural and a lot more fluid. This should be a default option part of this stock PS 4 controls.

Evil Controllers Mastermod along with Rapid-fire — Providing You with the Best Edge

We have covered the design alternatives offered for the awesome Buttons and the controls let’s have. When designing your customized-made PS-4 controller, QuickFire, and Mastermod evil Controllers offer 2 mod options.

The Fire mod lets you customize fire’s pace at first-person shooter games. This alteration increases your speed of fire letting you unload bullets. Here’s a movie showcasing how Rapid-fire Works:

The Mastermod provides you an overall total of 9 mods for the controller which work in games. You can disable and enable the mods anytime working with the controller that is PS-4. The Mastermod comprises:

Rapid-fire, Adaptive Rapid-fire, Left Trigger Rapid-fire

There are a variety of manners of firing. The Fire mod enables one to correct the amount of passion from one’s own firearms, Once we said earlier.

Akimbo Rapid-fire

You are provided by the Akimbo rapid-fire with trigger firing for the Akimbo firearms.


The drop shot is among the motions in an FPS multiplayer game. One will be dropped by the mod as soon as you shoot is harder than you be goals once in combat.

When you reload the weapon the action will be optimized by that the control by minimizing the animation. This then reduces the time.

Automobile Scope

Whenever you own a weapon which includes a range or zoom feature while using the automobile Scope mod and you also go into a scoped manner having a weapon that the control will automatically activate the”grip breath” role in-game that steadies your range mechanically.


Auto-run activates one’s character’s conduct functioning without needing to press and hold the jog button.

Automobile Position

That 1 should for the Battlefield series. Position enemies because an own target them when playing battlefield the control will auto.

Evil Controllers supplies Simple to follow and read the instruction on How Best to use Rapid-fire mods and this Mastermod That You can Study in their site:

Master Mod Guide

Rapid-fire Guide


Evil Controllers is just one of those organizations If it comes to custom controls that are modded. Their superior controls that are great together side the customization and style solutions for your help one to make something which you would want. You are given a competitive edge for players by the mods and the Guru Buttons create a major difference in operation. There’s no good reason for you if you’re on the watch to get a new control.

Where You Can Get

In the event that you’d really want to boost your game using a wonderful practice modded controller, then go up to this Evil Controllers internet site and begin building!

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