The changing table is a critical piece of furniture in the nursery. A well-constructed, functional changing table can be an invaluable asset to your nursery. Its size, location, and shape are important factors that must be considered when buying a crib. You want it to be easy for mom to reach, the drawer doesn’t need to be too high off the floor, and it shouldn’t interfere with baby’s climbing. All of these elements are important considerations when choosing the right baby dresser. Choosing the wrong one can mean trouble.

Drawers in baby dressers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. There are many varieties to choose from such as solid wooden dressers or casters, the classic French dresser, the tower drawer, and even the gliding drawer. If safety is a priority you may want to consider a lockable drawer; there are many types with multiple locking options. There are also two tier storage systems with an extra large drawer on the bottom, and a smaller drawer on top. The higher quality dressers have heavier duty locks.

You will also need to decide what material you want your baby dressers to be made from. Wooden dressers are still the most popular and available, however, they are often more expensive than other materials and not as durable. Casters are popular because they save space and can also be easily moved. You will find many attractive casters online, at your local nursery dresser store, or even in antique stores.

When shopping for a new changing table, consider the style that will look best with your baby dressers. You will want to complement the style, not clash with it. Traditional black, brown, or white are great colors to start with. You may also want to purchase a stationary holder in the same color or pattern. A matching iron and key-chain set are also an inexpensive way to give your changing area a modern touch.

Consider purchasing nursery grade baby dressers that have a wider drawer base than your average dresser. This allows for more storage. It is important to make sure your baby dressers will hold up to continuous use. A good rule of thumb is: the stronger the drawer, the longer it will last. Most wooden nursery dressers are constructed with a medium-density fiberboard.

There are some things you should consider about the six drawer baby dressers available today. First, the best baby dressers provide easy access between drawers and to the baby’s shoes or diapers. Second, the seats should be padded for comfort. Finally, the height of the chair should allow one or two toddlers to sit comfortably.

With these criteria in mind, you will need to determine how many drawers your new baby will need. The number of drawers required will depend on how many children you expect to be sleeping in the room. For example, if you have two children who are nearing the age of two, you will need three drawer spaces. If you have three children, you will need six drawer spaces. Once you determine the number of drawers you will need, you can easily determine the size of the drawer you will need to buy.

One other feature that you may want to consider when purchasing baby dressers is an anti-tipping device. Many parents find that they are constantly kicking their children in the shin as they move from one drawer to another. This constant pressure can cause several problems including bruise marks, sore backs, and disturbed sleep. An anti-tipping device is an inexpensive addition that can prevent your child from receiving a bruise every time they bump into a drawer.

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